17 m Weekender

Weekender 56


Designer:                                                    OEC Design

Interior Design:                                         OEC Design/Silkline

LOA:                                                             17.40 m

LWL:                                                             14.63 m

Beam:                                                            4.85 m

Draft:                                                             0.85 m

Displacement:                                          18.700 kg empty

Engine:                                                     2 x 600 MAN or 2 x 850 MAN

Speed:                                                       32 knots – 45knots

Construction Materials:

Sides:                                                           PVC / Epoxy / Sandwich finished with Polyurethane Marine Paint.

Construction and Bottom:                      Carbon reinforced Wood/Epoxy laminated with Fiberglass/carbon/Epoxy. Finished with 3 layers of High-quality Antifouling paint.

Construction Material Topsides:           Mahogany laminated with West System* Epoxy.

Engine hatches from PVC/Epoxy with wood veneer, finished with Polyurethane     Marine varnish.

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17 m Weekender