NEDSHIPGROUP is a collaboration and network of professionals from the field of yachts and boats.

NEDSHIPGROUP is standing for Nautical, Environment and Design

With an experience of over 30 years, the teams are highly experienced and professional on all fields of boats and yachts. The connected design studios are creating fascinating projects and the connected shipyards, which are mainly in Europe, create out of those designs the best value for the money.

  • We like challenging ways.
  • We like our nature and environment.
  • And we like being always a step forward in design and technique.

Our new era of solar powered yachts are a good example how the new technologies are protecting and affecting our world and nature. And how it brings a new lifestyle and responsibility to all of us.

Since the beginning, Egon Faiss keeps on course and is proud being able to work with one of the best team networks on the yacht market worldwide.

In the past, the NEDSHIP network built many yachts as sub-contractor for several well-known brands on the market. Some of these yachts were nominated for various awards and also won awards. In 2008, when the financial crises brought a big impact to the entire yacht market, also NEDSHIP needed to do some reorganizations and decided, to create beside B2B our own series and new inventions.

One of these are the extensive R&D on the e-propulsion market, where in 2014 the first 19m solar powered Catamaran get successful launched. Beside the exciting large Super Yachts, NEDSHIP will bring now also e-cats on the market in various sizes as we strongly believe that this technology will be one major step forward in our industry.

Owners are welcome for any kind of projects, either as B2B, one-offs or as clients for our new upcoming series.