114 m Megayacht Design project based on the style of an Orca.

And most likely the only yacht in the world where you can drive inside with your car

This design idea was to convert an existing hull (as you can see left on the pictures) into the shape of an Orca whale.

Very interesting solutions appeared during following that design idea. some examples:

  • we do have on one of the decks a car road from the bow to the mid section to drive out and in with cars
  • we also have a golf court there
  • many pool and relax areas
  • 2 large atriums
  • huge master space deck
  • ………..

If you would like to do a similar idea, please let us know. We would love to design and convert also your idea.

In the moment there are many unused boats (mainly commercial vessels) on the market we can get for low prices. To convert them is a fantastic job and we would like to be your professional partner to do so.

Please contact us if you have any project in mind. Thank you

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114m Orca Yacht Design refit project

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