34m trideck, Displacement

The 34 trideck Displacement is a very good compromise on length, volume, budget and standards.

It will be a custom build yacht and we would like to customize this wonderful and trustful yacht for you.


Type of vessel                                      Twin-screw motor yacht

Type of hull                                          Semi-displacement

Hull material                                        E-glass & epoxy composite sandwich

Main power                                           2 x CAT C32marine diesels (1824 HP @ 2300 rpm) or

MTU 1800hp @ 2450 rpm                  MAN 1550hp @ 2300 rpm CAT 3412 MAN 1200hp

1. Dimensions / Displacement

Length overall                                        34.00 meters

Length on waterline                              29.00 meters

Beam                                                          7.50  meters

Keel draft                                                   1.32 meters

Maximum draft                                        1.60 meters

Design displacement                                110,000 kilograms

Gross tonnage                                              approximately 260 t

     (Actual GT for any vessel can only be determined by tonnage surveyor)

2. Tank Capacities

Standard fuel                                    18,000 litres               4,755   US gallons

Standard fresh water                        2,000 litres                   528   US gallons

Grey water                                          2,000 litres                   528   US gallons

Black water                                         1,000 litres                   264   US gallons

Sludge oil                                               800 litres                   211   US gallons

3. Performance

Total propulsion power                                                       3650 hp

Top speed at design displacement                                         19 Knots

Economical cruising speed                                                       12 Knots

Range at economical cruising speed                                  1040 Nautical Miles