50m ‘Follow The Sun’


This catamaran project is designed for the ongoing era of green yacht building. Along with the green state-of-the-art features as skysails, solar panels, wind turbines and onboard recycling systems, this project provides an opportunity to build and own a cost-efficient vessel. Stunning creativity, detail quality and timeless aesthetic are essential elements in this ambitious green project.
The vast interior space with its huge windows is designed to offer some quality time for the owner family and to ensure a luxurious experience with beautiful memories. The 14m tender is simply docked in the aft part – an easy getaway for the guests to reach a beautiful Caribbean island, why not with a romantic picnic box and a cold bottle of refreshing champagne?


– LENGTH : 50.00m
– BEAM: 15.00m
– DRAUGHT: 3.50m
– GROSS TONNAGE: Approx 999 GT
– ENGINES: 2 x MTU 16V 2000 M70 / Also available with hybrid power system
– POSITION: Dynamic position system
– MAX SPEED: 22 knots
– NAUTICAL RANGE: 8,500nm at 12 knots
– GUESTS: 2 guests in 1 owner’s suite + 10 guests in 5 guests room + captain
– CREW: 7 up to 20 crew + captain – What do you prefer? Customization is possible
– MATERIAL: Alu / Composite / Carbon construction
– GREEN FEATURES: Up to 330 square meters area of solar cells + the helicopter platform can be converted to add an additional 55 square meters of solar cells + retractable wind turbines + skysails + onboard recyclable systems + retractable wave turbines
– CERTIFIED HELICOPTER PLATFORM: Eurocopter 135 or similar size
– HULL COLOUR: The vessel is available in a variety of colors

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50m Follow the Sun

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