E-Max Tender, by SCOD

SCOD Presents the Emax Super Marine 45; a Solar Hybrid Zero Carbon Superyacht Tender with a top speed of 70 knots This custom built Jet propelled Shuttle is powered by twin CMD Marine V6 TDI diesels with GM Allison Hybrid Transmissions driving Rolls Royce Water Jets
When employed as a Zero carbon ship to shore Shuttle the 250KW Allison electric motors propel the Solar Hybrid boat at up to 25 knots in virtual silence. Push the throttles full ahead and the infinitely variable transmission kicks into low gear engaging the V6’s Hi – Torque hybrid propulsion to deliver unsurpassed acceleration.
The 800hp Ned Ship Carbon Epoxy Super Marine 45 is the fastest most powerful tender in the world. Even so she is 50 to 100% Greener than other tenders in her class due to her Solar Hybrid Propulsion and the ability to store and use energy harnessed from her 4KW PV SunPower 25 year warrantee Solbian array.
Whether shuttling passengers and supplies back and forth, or off on an exhilarating adventure the luxuriously appointed Super Marine 45 can seat up to 10 people, plus 4 more on the sun bed. Inside the cabin beneath the Solar Center Cockpit she provides a shower room with stand up head and a sumptuous double bed. For excursions there’s a kitchenette with fridge/freezer, stove, microwave and a foredeck table for setting out a buffet or having a sit down luncheon for six guests.
Every detail of the Emax Super Marine 45 provides the right blend of Ergonomics, functionality and state of the art technology without compromises on either performance or comfort. Capable of a top speed of 70 knots, nothing can compare to her level of performance combined with luxury, style and versatility. Propelled by RR Water Jets no tender is safer or more eco friendly
LOA 45’ / Beam 10.5’ / Draft 2’
Standard Power: (2) Cummins MerCruiser Diesel (CMD) TDI 4.2 V8 – 700hp Optional Hybrid Power. (2) CMD 3 liter TDI V6/Allison Hybrid – 800hp UPS 32KWh; Valence Technology Drives; (2) Rolls Royce FF Series Waterjets
Construction; Epoxy Carbon Fibre
Standard Cruise; 55 knots
Max Electric Mode Zero Carbon Speed; 25 knots
Max Diesel Electric Hybrid Speed; 70 knots

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