Length | 6.98 meters
Maximum Width | 2.40 meters
Draught | 0.40 meters
Engine Power | 2 Electric Engines 2 KW 24 V (6HP)
Autonomy (without Sun) | 6-9H (5 knots))

SunSailer 7.0 line models are suitable for protected coastal zones and lagoon and riverine areas, where noise, pollution and stress caused by unrest are factors of destabilization and devaluation of the landscape and well-being. Moving harmoniously, these quite boats do not emit pollutant gases neither spill oils.

The design of the patented 7 meters displacement hull is optimized for a cruising speed of 5 to 6 knots, obtained from two 6Hp electric motors and powered by batteries fed by solar panels. Technological fit highly efficient, combined with techniques specialized in the use of fiberglass.

The hull is constructed of monolithic glass fiber, with isophthalic gel coat and manual lamination on contact molds and isophthalic resin. The deck is constructed of monolithic glass fiber in a polyurethane sandwich with isophthalic gel coat. Has a system of manual lamination in contact molds and isophthalic resin, with streaking system for support and dissipation of solar panel heat, thus increasing its efficiency.

Prices between 39.500€ and 45.000€.

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SunSailer 7.0

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