42 m Displacement traditional Yacht

The 42m Project has a high quality finishing based on a practical use and a reliable design and technique.

A tunnel propulsion system allows the yacht to cruise or anchor in shallow water or bays and brings also more economical advantages to the yacht.

The layout is based on a private yacht. On the upper deck, mainly the Master Suite is located. A private outside area on the aft upper deck is foreseen. In hull #1, the yacht will have 1 Master Suite on the upper deck, 1 VIP cabin on the main deck and 4 guest cabins in the lower deck. A lot of outside areas complete this general arrangement. There is a sitting area on the bow section, a fly deck upon the Master suite including a Jacuzzi, bar, sitting group, and a sitting group on the main deck aft side.

On the crew side there is the pilot house with an en suite captain cabin. The galley is in combination with a laundry and service desk. The crew quarter has the entrance through the galley. A garage with a lot of space for many toys and tenders is located behind the engine room.

The yacht is built in high class epoxy composite with Carbon reinforcements. This material has some of following advantages compare to GRP or steel:

  • Better noise protection
  • More lightweight, means better economy
  • Better half-life, means the hull and structure keeps its quality, so also less maintenance

NEDSHIP is worldwide leader in manufacturing with epoxy and carbon fiber materials.

Notice from the Production Team of Ned Ship Group

The ‘Baia Mare’ (hull #1 of this design) is probably one of the most ‘honest’ built yachts on the market.

Honest in the sense of the true value of the yacht. No gadgets, no tricks to throw the buyer off to thinking that gimmicks are expensive.

We wanted to create a boat that has plenty of space, easy to use and extremely simple to maintain.

Each part of the boat, and all machinery and equipment are very easy to access and service.

All functions expected to be existent on a modern boat of this size are present on the boat but without the complication of using too sophisticated products that need a permanent engineer on board… sometimes only to be able to watch a TV.

The owner could add any gadget he pleases at the real prices which would not really surpass 2 % of the boat value anyway.

On the other hand maximum attention was given to Epoxy Composite structures of the boat and the installation of all machinery and equipment.

Extreme amount of attention was given to sound insulations of the boat, making her one of the most silent boats of its kind.

With its 140 ton light displacement she also gives excellent performance in speed and consumption and will perform probably much better than any other yacht of her size.

And of course the stability is incomparable.

We believe that we have broken the vicious circle of mid value yacht pricing, that starts with adding gadgets instead of real structures , adding more weight, needing bigger engines, carry more fuel, allow less interior, therefore add more gadgets to increase the price because by the end everything has cost more.

But again if the new owners wish to add his gadgets, we are open to discussion, as always.

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42 m Displacement Yacht BaiaMare

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