70 m full of energy

1.4 MWh on generators and battery storage for an electric drive modus and enviroment friendly and very economical use



Aft lounge for a relaxed entrance and stay on board


Event yacht layouts_Seite_5

Either a restaurant for up to 220 persons in the main salon or also a configuration as a conference, catwalk or whatever event possible


Event yacht layouts_Seite_6Conference seating or catwalk


Xhibitionist car salonShowroom or product presentations


XPlatformFilteredpossible front deck configurations:

– dance floor with disco screen

– heli pad (s)

– lounge and additional restaurant

70 m Event Super Yacht

You are looking for an exciting and profitable business on the water?

Here we have what you are looking for.

The new Xhibitionist Event Super Yacht is offering much more than you will expect. In case of the huge volume on that Trimaran Yacht, which measures 70 m x 19 m, your events will get unforgettable highlights for all guest coming on board. The variations are multiple, so following some ideas on what could be possible:

  • Luxury restaurant between 220 up to 350 volume seats
  • Conference seating
  • Many Lounge areas
  • Product presentations and placements
  • Catwalk and fashion shows
  • Disco and bar
  • Casino and Nightclub
  • … or combination from all of these and more…..

The Super Yacht will be powered only by electric engines and will have over 1 MW on electric power generators and batteries to get 24/7 operating possible. By using turbine generators, you don’t hear the noise normal gen sets are giving to the structure and you will stay completely calm and relaxed in bays for dinner, swimming, diving or whatever guest you have on board.

Please contact us if you have any idea or interest so that we can customize your special commercial event project.

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Event Yacht 70 m

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