SEA BULL 66m, the best combination in luxury, performance, toys, space and wellness


This new project design is coming from a general other direction as normally projects are getting designed.

The 66m version is a converted version once the owner didn’t chose the heli hangar in favor to more space for amenities and toys. This version is extended to 66,6 m LOA vs 65m on the heli hangar version.

There is still the possibility to choose various heli pad solutions on that version to keep the support for the yacht by a helicopter.

According to the motto “simplify to the max”, NEDSHIP is offering a solution for owners with a very flexible option list, so the owner can chose exactly the configuration he likes for his personal lifestyle and environment.

Not every owner needs a helicopter hangar or a sub-marine, they like more the spacious salons or additional room features. The Submarine will be launched through the hull downwards.

Once we do not need a helicopter hangar, the owner suite, the salon on the main deck, the pool area as well as the garage will benefit on this additional space.

The wish list we worked on and which we integrated into the design is amazing:

General design:

  • Sportive but not that extreme appearance, to stay still timeless for the future.
  • 66,6m LOA with a beam of max 12,4 m
  • A traditional tested and very stable fast displacement hull concept with a high efficient economy friendly operation to face any conditions and the stability of a comfortable stay on board
  • Various hull material solutions as steel, aluminum or high advanced Composite Carbon
  • The function and storage of a Trawler, the elegance of a Mega yacht and the performance of a Sport yacht.
  • Beside a fully equipped yacht with all functions also a lower budget solution on the same design.
  • Various speed solutions between 17 kn up to 26 kn
  • Full beam garage with side door openings and aft bar entrance
  • Fully equipped Spa Center, Cinema,
  • Pool solution with integrated waterfall to an intermediate deck
  • Comfortable crew quarters
  • Perfect separation between crew and guests
  • Lots of outside areas with Jacuzzi, sun beds, bars etc…
  • Transatlantic range

Special already designed features (most of them as options):

  • A heli pad on the bow, either as standalone solution or in combination with the aft heli pad
  • A sub marine for up to 3-5 passengers and a depth limit of up to 1000m operation
  • The possibility of a car storage with launch system
  • Two big tenders in the main garage (one of them between 9-10m)
  • In addition extra tenders on the bow with wing doors on each side for max 2 tenders
  • All sports and toy gadgets in the garage as diving equipment, jet skis, surfboards etc…..
  • 7,11 or 13m long swimming pool (will limit the space below in the spa center)
  • Beach Club on sea level
  • Guest elevator through all deck levels
  • Balconies for each cabins
  • 160 sqm master suite on the upper deck with its own terrace.
  • 4 volume guest cabins on the main deck
  • 1 additional VIP suite on the main deck
  • Gym, massage and wellness center
  • Cinema
  • Various salon and relax rooms

The NEDSHIP “SEA BULL” 66m offers at high sea in open Ocean conditions a much saver stability than the most advanced multi hulls on the market.

Based also on Carbon Kevlar structures, designed for the highest possible impact resistance at the best possible lifestyle and environment friendly.

To customize your own yacht based on the general design of the new “SEA BULL” model will give the customized dream yacht each owner would like to have.

And dreams are only on step forward. Talk with us as we love to customize the yacht for to create your swimming luxury island for freedom, silence, social meetings and business.

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